A Standard to Keep,
A Vision to Accomplish
Fashion Design Class

Empowerment Opportunity Project

E.O.P. is geared towards developing, educating, training and giving sustainable skills to women and youths who are educationally and economically disavantaged.

E.O.P. offers a 6-12 month free vocational training course with classes in: Sewing, Catering, Hair Stylist, Knitting, Interior Decorating, Computer Studies, Fashion Design, Photography and Adult Literacy Education.

We are motivated and compelled by the fire of the Holy Ghost to bring a total change to the lives of our Youths and Women folks in the rural and urban areas.

Knitting Class

We are engaged in creating awareness to the grassroots and optimistic that as we educate, develop and empower them, they'll become self reliant and no longer a liability.

If you would love to sponsor a women in need please contact:

Dr. Juliet M. Imaikop
PO Box 1984
Calabar 540001, CRS, NIGERIA.
E-MAIL: julietwwfim1@yahoo.co.uk