A Standard to Keep,
A Vision to Accomplish

Women With Fire Ministries


Dr. Juliet Imaikop

In most African countries, women are considered and treated as second-class people. They are under the complete control and domination of their fathers and / or husbands and have absolutely no rights. Many are forced into marriage at a very early age because the dowry received will provide for furthering a male child's education or help to increase the family's assets.

Many of these young women are later abandoned and end up living on the streets selling themselves to earn money to live on.

Dr. Juliet M. Imaikop of The Revival Mission Churches in Calabar, Nigeria has a burden to take these women off the streets, train and educate them so that they may become self-reliant.

Out of this burden was born these ministries:

Women With Fire Ministries

Revival Academy Crèche

Empowerment Opportunity Project

Children Praising God