A Standard to Keep,
A Vision to Accomplish

Aims And Objectives of Women With Fire

We are motivated and compelled by the fire of the Holy Ghost to bring a total change to the lives of our Youths and Women folks in the rural and urban areas.

We are engaged in creating awareness to the grassroots and optimistic that as we educate, develop and empower them, they'll become self reliant and no longer a liability.

  • To help Women and Youths discover their destiny and fulfil it.
  • To restore dignity and enlightenment to Women and Youths.
  • To help the less privileged kids take their place in the society.
  • To restore uniqueness and wholeness from any adverse situation that tradition and society has placed on the woman gender such as: Female Genital Mutilation [FGM], Early marriage, Illiteracy, Backwardness, Women and Child Trafficking. etc.
  • To raise up responsible Women and Youths to take up the mantle of leadership in our nation.